Starcross School Drumming Workshop

November 15, 2018

Starcross School posted a lovely article on their website about an African Drumming workshop that took place during the summer.

They write:
“At the end of last term KS2 were treated to an African Drumming workshop. The workshop was provided with funding from The Helen Foundation. Daisi-listed artist Allan Kerr from Shumba Arts led the day for KS2 classes. Much fun was had by all the children as they developed their musical skills as well as social skills and self confidence.

The workshop was booked to kick start our African “djembe” music work this term which forms part of our Wider Opportunities music provision.”

The children said:
“I liked doing the rhythms with the whole class and I wish I could do it again. Lydia
It was so much fun because we made lots of noise. Josh
It was a lovely atmosphere in there. It was an absolute pleasure. Oliver
It was fun when everyone did “call and response” and said “banana”! It was a bit disgusting when Allan told us the drum was made from trees and goat skin! Hard work. Lovely! Jessie-Marie
Amazing because I got to play a bass drum! Izzy
I really enjoyed it. I liked his funny sentences like one, two, three banana and I got a purple drum! Sian
I thought it was really fun but it made my hands red but otherwise it was FUN! Harry 
It was very fun. Some parts were hard but it got it in the end. It was really good. Molly


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