Youngster starts New Year with a THF Bursary

January 22, 2019

Following detailed enquiries and a meeting with Trustees, a young person in the Newton Abbot area received a THF bursary to support their ambitions in learning keyboard.  Having lost their mother early in life and facing a challenging home environment, this student continued to make really good progress at school.

A school report says:  “XX has an strong ability when it comes to being able to process the tasks we set and has that natural dexterity needed to become successful on the piano/keyboard.  XX is keen outside lesson time too, regularly attending our after-school group, and practicing keyboard tasks at breaktime and lunchtime.”

Young people aged 7-19 with proven skill and ambitions in the arts, and who meet the criteria for a bursary award, may apply for a bursary on line by clicking here.

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