10 for 10

January 12, 2016

10 for 10
THF began 10 years ago. Thanks to the valiant efforts of many supporters, the charity managed to provide benefits for over 3000 young people last year through school-based workshops and projects, individual bursaries and Helen Foundation Awards. However, during 2013 and 2014, THF spent more than it raised – and this is not sustainable.  So we need your help!  What would really make a difference going forward would be to guarantee a steady level of income.

We are hugely grateful to those of you who already donate regularly to THF and we are asking if more of you could do the same. Hence 10 for 10…

Could you see your way to donating £10 per year, or, if you are able to, £10 per month? You would be directly supporting thousands of young people with their artistic ambitions, knowing that the charity is run entirely by volunteers, with no one drawing a salary, and with all costs (e.g. stationery, travel) kept to a minimum.

To make a donation simply visit the make a donation page. Then scroll down to Tranferring money on line where you will find the THF bank details for setting up a transfer.  Do please help us if you can!

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