African Artist and the River Teign inspire Chudleigh pupils

May 13, 2016

71b78e4c-6c28-46d7-90fc-b1defaaf60fdChudleigh Primary! What engaged, artistic Key Stage 2 youngsters you have! THF supported the funding of professional art therapist Tracy Whitbread to work with representative pupils from different KS2 groups in the school. They collaborated to produce (using largely recycled materials) what will become one large 3D piece representing local river, the Teign.

Tracy drew on inspiration from incredible Ghanaian artist El Anatsui (check online: his works are brilliant & thought-provoking) and when we visited Chudleigh, the hum of the children’s activity was almost tangible, and so productive… The final pieces will all link together, the backing card will readily concertina up & down its full length, so all those shiny materials will sparkle & ripple in the light! Parents, be very proud of your artist children: we are so thrilled with their response.

The children said:
– thank you for the awesome day to give us a chance of working with other people and to work with strange materials
– my favourite part was when we first got there and met people I didn’t know and when I got to choose what I wanted on my project
– thank you for letting us have a wonderful day. Mine and James’ looked like a rockpool because we magpied some ideas from other designs
– Ioved the sticking and glueing. ┬áIt was very cool working with unusual materials

Artist Tracy Whitbread writes:
The end results were stunning and I felt honoured to witness these young people engaging in the full flow of their imaginations. It is vitally important that children are enabled to do this as part of their educational development and I am very grateful to the Helen Foundation and Bryony Bushell (teacher) for making it possible.


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