African Drumming at Cockwood School

February 3, 2017

thf_drumming1What a great start to the New Year at Cockwood! The entire school took part in a series of drum workshops with Allan Kerr, of Shumba Arts, supported by The Helen Foundation.

Allan has a gift for communicating his love of African drumming to young people and he was enthusiastically welcomed by the children.  With every child able to use drums Allan had brought along, Allan taught them all about the different kinds of drums used in Africa.  The children loved the names of the three djembe Allan displayed – the big Mother, the medium sized Father and the baby Child drum.  A carefully stepped introduction to drumming techniques took the children on a journey of discovery and it was very moving to see just how fundamental to our lives rhythm is – and how much joy it brings. A memorable day!

Arts co-ordinator Laura Buttree from Cockwood wrote afterwards:
“Thank you again for your support with our recent African drumming workshop. It really was a big hit and the children were thoroughly thrilled throughout. They enjoyed it so much that we are considering asking Allan back later in the year to do another set of workshops. We are so grateful for your support and for allowing this fantastic day to go ahead.”

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