Amphitheatre at Our Lady and St Patrick School, Teignmouth

November 13, 2014

Part-funded by a grant from The Helen Foundation, Our Lady and St Patrick School raised further sums for a £4,000+ building of an amphitheatre in the school playground.  In her original application to THF Trustees, Kristina Webber, Arts Subject Leader at the school wrote:

“We are currently in the early stages of developing our arts provision in the hope of obtaining an ‘Artsmark’ award from the Art Council of England. Thanks to Helen Foundation support each year with our Arts Week, we are already meeting the criteria for working with artists and arts organisations. 

The amphitheatre will be professionally built during the summer holiday, ready for use in September. The children in our school have been very involved in the decisions over the design and possible uses of the amphitheatre. Children in Class 5 have worked hard to survey all staff and pupils about how the amphitheatre would be useful both during and after school. The children also made a very professional and engaging presentation at our school Governors’ meeting to persuade them to agree to the amphitheatre – which they have!

We have plans to incorporate visual arts into the design of the amphitheatre too, by creating sculptures, mosaics and murals to enliven the area. This will be further opportunity for children to see their designs and ideas valued and displayed in an exciting and long-lasting way.”

Updating us this term, Kristina wrote:

“Just wanted to update you on our amphitheatre. It is up and looks fantastic. The children are really enjoying the use of this new space and we are making the most of it. We would really like to thank The Helen Foundation for the money given for this project and therefore the school have decided to hold a ‘sports heroes” day on Friday 24th October, including the opportunity for children to dress as a sporting stars and bring in a donation for THF. We want this to be a celebration of the amphitheatre as well as a big ‘thank you’ to the charity. We’re planning for fun and creative activities to happen throughout school on this day, with plenty of use of the amphitheatre.”

Congratulations to everyone involved in the project which has created a superb new performance and display space in the  school.

The picture shows children raising funds for Sports Relief.

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