Amphitheatre decorated at OSLP, Teignmouth

March 1, 2015

thf_amphitheatreLast summer, THF supported a building project at Our Lady and St Patrick’s Primary School in Teignmouth. ¬†Build in the corner of the small playground, a wooden amphitheatre has provided a superb focus for children’s activities of all kinds both at playtime and during lessons. Children’s imaginations turn it from a pirate ship to a stage set in the wink of an eye!

During their recent Arts Week, OLSP engaged the whole school in a brilliant range of arts activities including story-telling, dance, drama, music, painting and sculpture. ¬†One particular activity, funded by THF, engaged every child in making an individually painted bamboo “bead” to decorate the rear of the amphitheatre and the result was outstanding.

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