Animation Workshop at Buckfastleigh

March 9, 2016

thf_animationArtist Claire Evans ran a highly successful day at Buckfastleigh School working with the children on animation, with the activity designed to lead into a dance project later in the term. See the animation video:

Children wrote:
‘Thank you so much it was really fun and a great experience’
‘Thank you so much it was so fun, I loved it and even though I got frustrated with my drawing, I still loved it’.
‘It was really fun colouring and animating my tiki pole PS I also come from Dawlish’
‘Thank you for coming in. You have travelled a long way just to be with us. Your so kind and helpful, please come back soon’
‘I thought you was a lovely woman and I hope you enjoyed seeing us too’

The school said:
Claire was fantastic! She got on and had brought everything she needed. A very easy workshop for us as a school – super!

Claire wrote:
“The day itself went really well! We had as the “inspiration” for our animation a Disney film called “Lilo and Stitch”. But from that starting point we went on to Hawaii, the Tiki Gods of that island, and ended up with surfing bananas, hula dancers, strange sea monsters and volcano spirits!

“The children were lots of fun to work with, everyone engaged with the activity and lots of lovely, fun work had been created by the end of the day. Around forty children took part, and the feedback from the school has been great. Thanks to the Helen Foundation for making the workshop possible for me and the children, it has provided a great starting point to the bigger project they are working towards.”

Helen Foundation Trustee Annie Kirk attended the workshop.
“The children were thoroughly engaged in the workshop and produced some brilliant ideas for the animations. Working with the technology was very exciting and seeing their final results made them very proud. Great project!”




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