Art and Emotions at Chudleigh Knighton School

October 7, 2018

thf_chudleigh2 Artist Monica Shanta Brown worked with Chudleigh Knighton children on an ambitious and successful arts project last term.

Head of Teaching and Learning Kate Collins writes:
“We are so grateful to The Helen Foundation, for their support in this project. The aims were to encourage groups of KS2 children to incorporate and express emotion through art. The children successfully achieved this, as well as developing their knowledge and understanding of a range of art media.
All the children involved in this day were so enthusiastic and the feed-back has been entirely positive. Monica was great with the children and handled the topic very sensitively and effectively.

The children said:
“I really enjoyed doing the ‘big picture’ that we all worked together on. We had to copy the technique or colour used by the person before us. When I looked at the finished painting I was proud of what we had done.”

“My favourite bit was painting my emotion picture using shapes, handprints and different marks. I’m going to hang it up at home. I really enjoyed it when we had to respond to sound, especially the whale song: it was EPIC!”

“I used to think that art was about drawing ‘things’ but now I know that it can be about drawing emotion too!”

“I enjoyed all of it, especially painting and emotion. I responded to the pictures we’d been shown and created my own pattern/emotion picture. Thank you for a great day!”

Pictured below is Monica holding up one of the “conversations” where children in pairs painted one set of ideas then handed them to their partner for a response that involved adding to the initial work.  The picture went to and fro several times.  Brilliant!


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