Arts week at St. Michael’s Kingsteignton

March 1, 2015

thf_artweek2Another arts-loving school with a full Arts Week recently was St Michael’s, choosing the Chinese New Year as the inspiration.

Chinese paint brush artist Xiao Bai Li taught the children basic Chinese calligraphy and a Chinese style approach to painting animals and flowers. Meanwhile, Tamsin Bone led the children in Chinese dance, like the Lion Dance and the Tea Dance.

Oganiser Alix Harding writes: “This week, all the schools in the USF are taking part in Arts week, based around the theme of Chinese New Year. At St Michael’s, every year group has taken part in a dance workshop focusing on traditional Chinese dancing, led by dance teacher Tamsin. Year 5 and 6 have also been visited by a Chinese brush artist, Xiao, who has shown them the art of calligraphy and the children have had the opportunity to try this themselves.

 We are very fortunate to have been supported this week by the Helen Foundation and DAISI, a group that support arts inspired learning. DAISI provided the artists, Tamsin and Xiao, and the Helen Foundation have provided additional funding to support our learning. This is the second year that the Helen Foundation have provided this support and we are extremely grateful for their continuing help in ensuring that our children can participate in these high quality creative activities.”

 THF Trustee Leon Winston visited the workshops and writes:

 ‘That’s amazing!’ This was the vocal response from  a whole group of year 6 pupils who watched Xiao Bai Li produce a wonderfully colourful picture of flowers- Chinese style.

He had just demonstrated to them how to handle brush and paints to reproduce the dazzling overall effect. All children watched and listened with total concentration. And then, and this another amazing moment, the children painted, with thought and delicate care, their own attractive versions. Magic was in the air.

Year 3 children, meanwhile, were engaged in the creation of a Lion Dance. Tasmin Bone, the dance artiste, had captured the imagination and physical dexterity of all the pupils to create a really full-on demonstration of jungle movement. It was fun, lively and thrilling to watch.”thf_artweek1

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