Ayden Shaddick at JJ’s Music Academy

February 3, 2017

thf_jollyfarmerAyden Shaddick learns guitar at JJ’s Music Academy in Newton Abbot and won the 2016 THF Award there.

Director of the Academy, Joanna Walling writes:
He (Ayden) is pictured here with Roger and Annie Kirk who met Ayden at JJ’s Battle of the Bands held at The Jolly Farmer in Newton Abbot late last year. The Jolly Farmer is run by music lovers Glenn and Maria Powell. And Glenn has a funny story to tell about MUSE…

Glenn used to run the Piazza venue in Torquay where MUSE played. He told a story of how he had, in 1996, MUSE and a band called Chikky Saws Buzzfeeder appearing. At the end of the event he said to the then manager of MUSE that he thought MUSE wouldn’t come to much and that Chikky would be going places.  Shortly afterwards Chikky broke up and the rest, as they say, is history. He said it feels, looking back like Decca must have felt when they turned down the Beatles…

The picture shows Glenn holding his diary and pulling a rueful face…Glenn and Maria run an annual Jollystock music event at the pub and  offered to donate the charity proceeds to THF in 2017!

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