Banner Making project at Coombeshead School

February 3, 2017

thf_bannermaking1Late last term, Year 11 art students took part in a THF supported banner-making workshop focused on abstract art, and led by Sara Downham-Lotto.

Students wrote to THF Trustees to express their thanks and Lydia wrote:
Dear THF,
I want to start by saying “thank you very much” for the opportunity to create some special abstract art, one of the many types of art we do for GCSE Art: this workshop helped me to a new perspective – an exciting experience where we could learn new techniques with Sara’s help.

We started with the whole class gathered around a very long stretch of paper, using only oil pastels at first to create designs ‘off the top of our heads’. With 15 heads all working at once, we created many different patterns, before working in more textures and materials.
Next we did more individual art, sketching various classmates in pencil, then black fineliner, then charcoal – each one a rapid sketch.

We then, in pairs, were given a section of the long piece of art we’d already produced, and were asked to draw a very large charcoal portrait of each other on top of the original.
Our final activity (the part I loved most) was creating individual pieces if abstract art using ANY materials available – scraps of newsprint, magazines, maps, tissue-paper, with ink, various paints and pastels.

Maybe one thing which could be better would be to have new, different, unusual materials that we’d never handled previously.

Thank you all so much for funding us and providing us with this opportunity – Lydia

Thank you Sarah for such an inspirational workshop!


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