Banners at Gatehouse School, Dawlish

April 4, 2013

Artist Kate Barker ran a THF-sponsored banner-making workshop at Gatehouse School, and the project was visited by THF Friend, Charley Cooke.

Charley said afterwards: “My visit to Gate House was really good fun!

thf_gatehouse_banners2All the children involved were extremely interested in the project and showed lots enthusiasm when using the materials. They had three people helping in the class so I just took a step back and watched as not to get in the way. The group discussed different techniques and ideas, such as, one colour blending in to another and shading.

Each child had a strong input on the project, which they have been working on prior to my visit. They all in turn showed things they had suggested or and idea that they had developed.

It was a pleasure to go and thank you for asking me to do it.”


Emily Keene, the school co-ordinator, wrote:
“It was an inspiring and very hands-on day. The kids were all thrilled by the immediate results. Overall the brief was met brilliantly. Thank you Kate!”

And the children clearly enjoyed their day:

” I didn’t know anything about that style of printing, it was really good.”
Kai (Year 5)

” It was the best art thing I’ve done in school. We got to use screen printing, chose which designs and colours we liked and mixed the paints.”
Roni (Year 4)

“It was really fun when we made rainbow fish using lots of colours.”
Mia (Year 4)

“I liked the colours and drawing the fish because there are so many patterns and colours, shapes and sizes.”
Jade (Year 4)

“It was brilliant because we copied fish and they got cut out and made into flags.”
Michael (Year 3)

“It was cool because I’ve never done it before. I like art because it’s fun.”
Isabelle (Year 4)

“I loved it because I never met such a good artist before and I never knew you could do that.”
Holly (Year 3)

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