Bradley Barton’s Minibeasts

October 17, 2013

Artist Michelle Greenwood-Brown was engaged by Bradley Barton School on an ambitious arts project to enhance the artworks in the school grounds. Bradley Barton rightly prides itself on its environmental awareness and the range of arts that the children are encouraged to practice. The focus for this mosaics project was insects.

The school’s application said: “The outdoor area has been newly developed and requires further visual and creative stimuli. The children are fascinated by mini-beasts and would like mini-beast mosaics to guide them in finding mini-beasts in the environment.”

Michelle writes: ‘We had a lovely two days working with the children at Bradley Barton school making the six giant mosaic insects to be placed on the fence around the nature area pond. The insects were designed by the children and they had great fun sticking all the tile pieces on. The children were lovely to work with, and the head teacher was very supportive.”
These mosaics will soon be mounted at the school and we shall report on the event.

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