Breaking News – THF chosen as Sainsbury’s Local Charity 2015

July 3, 2015

image1Did you vote for us – Aye Sir!

Dear all, be aware of Helen Foundation’s great sense of indebtedness to all the kind and supportive Dawlish and Teignmouth Sainsbury’s voters ,and all the voters (YOU!!) from further afield, surrounding towns and villages too?!

We 3 local Trustees (yes, we could do with more named “Friends of THF!!!) could in no way achieve the selection by Dawlish Sainsbury’s without their support voting in-store and online. Thanks to Sainsbury’s for this special opportunity to have some “team spirit” in our wings, and to local wonderful people of all ages for voting us IN!!

We can’t thank you enough x

Annie and Roger Kirk/Leon Winston (and our more distant Trustees Ben Galloway, Alex and Tom Kirk) and our 7 always encouraging Patrons


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