Bursary holder heads to college

November 13, 2014

Helen Foundation Trustees recently interviewed Malcolm (not his real name) who applied for a THF bursary to assist him with his daily travel to Exeter College to study A Level Drama.  With family finances at full stretch, the travel costs would have been a real struggle. Malcolm impressed the Trustees with his determination and commitment and he was well-supported by his references.

 One wrote:
“He has developed not only as a performer but shows considerable skill and knowledge in theatre production roles as well. He is an enthusiastic and intelligent young man  who thrives on new challeneges and faces all situations with a positive outlook that is contagious.

He has discussed with me his decison about moving to Exeter College and sees it as an opportunity to test his skills in a wider arena and learn from a new and diverse range of peole, whcih I consider to be a sensible and mature decision.”

 Good luck Malcolm – we look forward to hearing about your progress.

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