May 13, 2016

thf_news_cellarstock-600x350Sunday May 1st was a very special night for all those at the Cellars Bar, Teignmouth. Everyone there was experiencing the last ever night of Cellarstock!

This amazing music festival began in 2009 at one of Teignmouth’s most popular bars.  Landlady Carol Hayes and her family knew Helen and always said they would do something special for THF. They decided to run a weekend music festival  – Cellarstock – and invited bands to play, for free, knowing that audience members would donate to the charity.

Over the past 8 years, the annual Bank Holiday event has raised over £10,000 for THF and been a major part of the THF – and the Teignmouth – calendar.
Carol is retiring this year, and together with Jodie, Luke, Glyn and the Cellars Bar team, they were determined to say farewell to Cellarstock in style.

As the final roar from the crowd closed the last number from Society Rocks, Carol’s partner Glyn Kneebone gave a moving tribute to everything Carol has done for charities.  Annie and Roger Kirk also thanked Carol and presented her with a yellow rose to plant in her garden in gratitude for her generosity to all the charities, like THF, she has supported throughout her working life as a landlady.  This year, for example, the £1500 raised from the event is to be shared equally between Stroke Association and THF.

Carol has been a very special supporter of THF and Trustees will be forever grateful for helping the charity establish itself in the early days and helping it thrive since.
We all wish her every happiness in the next phase of her life.

We must also thank the dozens and dozens of musicians who have given their services for free over the 8 years to benefit the charity, and all the generous donors of raffle prizes and barbeque items  – and, of course, everyone who attended and who donated to help raise the funding.  Thank you all so much!


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