Christmas Fund Raising round up

January 18, 2014

Signed Base Guitar auctioned for THF on eBay

This lovely bass guitar, very geneorusly donated by THF supporter and guitar enthusiast Neil Pratt, raised over £800 for the Foundation when auctioned on charity EBay. Thank you once again, Neil. What a star.

The Teignmouth Players with Sleeping Beauty

The Teignmouth Players generously donated tickets for the Final Dress Rehearsal on Thursday 27th December enabling THF to raise £200 for the charity. Thank you so much Teignmouth Players!

Shaldon Grasshoppers Golfing Society

This very friendly group of keen golfers regularly raise money for charity and, before Christmas, sent THF a very generous cheque for £250. Happy golfing in 2014, golfers!

Otter Claus goes down a treat

The joint London Inn/Otter Brewery charity promotion on their Otter Claus beer proved a real hit with visitors to the popular Shaldon pub.  Already £60 has been raised and more is promised. Thank you Tom and Katie, landlords of the London, for putting forward THF as the charity to benefit and to all those who enjoyed a pint or two in the pub.

Christmas Cards Best Ever Sales

The 2012 THF Christmas cards produced our best ever sales with all 2000 sold and a very healthy £400+ profit for the charity. Thank you to our talented young artists, Bibi Daley and Claire Gill, for their beautiful designs,to our retail outlets and to all THF supporters who bought cards.

Personal Donations at Christmas

Trustees are always very touched by friends of THF, and especially relatives and personal friends of Helen, who donate each Christmas to the charity in her name. Thank you all so much for your love and care and for the moving photos of candles lit on Boxing Day across the world in her memory.


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