Chudleigh School Workshop

July 16, 2018

THF_chudleigh1Chudleigh wished to commemorate Mrs Deer, a much-loved member of staff, with something special. Employing the subsidy available to schools from the Helen Foundation, they engaged artist Bridget Arnold.  Bridget’s special genius is with textiles and, working together with the school, decided on a painted silk fabric frieze that will be installed round the upper part of the school library. Inspired by a host of very happy memories of Mrs Deer, including trips to France and Dartmoor, travelling in the school minibus and storytelling, the design grew and grew and will form a very fitting tribute to a truly special person.

Year 4 class teacher Bryony Bushell from Chudleigh said:
“It was such an exciting week and the finished banners are nothing short of stunning!”

THF_chudleigh2The children said:
“It was a fantastic opportunity to try something new, which we all enjoyed.  Silk painting was great, especially with Bridget to help.”

“We haven’t had a chance to do this wonderful thing before.”

“It brought back so many memories of Mrs Deer and her fantastic storytelling of her cute, loveable dog.  Also some people thought of their family and the calm atmosphere was nice as normally everyone’s being quite loud.

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