Dance Workshop at Teignmouth Community School

April 26, 2019

thf_dance1Professional dancer and dance teacher, Jane Mason, led a highly successful THF-sponsored dance workshop at Teignmouth Community School , Mill Lane, recently.  The school asked her to lead a creative dance and movement workshop for years 4 and 5 on creative responses to  issues connected to climate change, such as heat, weather, water, danger, and loss, using these triggers for movement explorations.
THF trustee Annie Kirk visited the workshop with Sarah Marshall-Maun,  Friend of THF and herself well-versed in the language of dance.  Sarah writes:
“Jane Mason did a great job of encouraging the children to work collaboratively, as a whole class group & in pairs. The duets required each dancer to  rely on their partners, thus building both trust and bonding.Year 5 soon understood how movement can be used to express different moods/ideas. An inspirational mentor, Jane really made the children aware of weight & body tension as a means to create movement.

We really liked the way Jane  built up the complete dance as separate elements that later slotted together perfectly – then culminated in an expressive group dance.”

THF heard the next day from one of the teachers at the school:

“I saw your THF Facebook post about the lovely Jane coming to Mill Lane yesterday. I was one of the staff at the afternoon session and I just wanted  to say how super it was. Thank you for enabling our children to enjoy an enrichment activity which was both fun and meaningful. I feel it was important to contact you to say how much we appreciated it.

 I just feel so grateful that, as a community, our children have THF as benefactors for the future of the arts in our local area.  We have referenced Jane’s visit today in class, so the ripple effect continues!  

Thanks again for making a difference.”

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