Denbury 3D – Peter Margerum

September 13, 2015

thf_3D_600x350Peter writes:

“I worked with children from year 5/6 class over two days to create 3D artworks based upon ‘life under the sea’.  On the first day the children worked in small groups to create sea creature sculptures using a wide assortment of recycled wood, plastic and metal materials and household objects.The children  were encouraged to sensibly use battery drills and hand tools to assemble their sculptures with wire and fixings, and to ensure that the sculptures could withstand being displayed outside.

On the second day we concentrated on making sculptures associated with the ‘sea bed’ including a fully laden treasure chest. The sculptures were then finally attached to a ‘wrecked’ wooden canoe that had been donated by a member of staff.

All the finished sculptures were attached to a flat roof that was clearly visible from the school’s main playground.” 

During the feedback session at the end of the workshop pupils responded:
“It was good for building teamwork skills by working in small groups”; “Really amazed at what you can make out of rubbish”; “Really liked using the drills”; “I was surprised a how many different colours and different types of materials were available for making our sculpture”.

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