Daniel Saint

The official logo and website for The Helen Foundation was designed and created by Daniel Saint, a keen supporter of arts within the Teignbridge area, who is now working as a professional graphical designer.

The thinking behind the logo itself is ‘bubbles’ and how the bursting of a bubble is a release, be it a physical release or a mental release, and the ‘star’ is to signify both the success that we all seek and also is reflective of the spark of a thought. Also reflective in the logo device is the growth of the ideas and thoughts with the increasing sizes of the bubbles contained within it indicating that growth, and the idea bursting into a star of success.

Many thanks also go to Daniel for his hard work and dedication in designing the glass plaque Helen Foundation Awards. These Awards, now in over half of Teignbridge schools, are awarded annually to the young person showing “Best Endeavour in the Arts” within the organization. For more information on these Awards please check out The Helen Foundation Award section of the site.

Lloyd Hardwick

The Helen Foundation’s website was co-designed and created by designer, Lloyd Hardwick

It’s funny how relationships develop when you least expect it. We met Lloyd at a social event and naturally the conversation went on to the subject ‘…and what do you do?’
Lloyd came back to us and said, ‘Look – I’m really interested in what you are doing, your beliefs and what you are trying to achieve for young people. There’s lots of knowledge and experience that I use for businesses everyday that I would love to transfer – is there anyway I can help out? Since then Lloyd has been helping us with the ‘digital side’ of The Helen Foundation.


Helen photographs

The beautiful photos of Helen Kirk appearing on this site were taken by Chris Winter, a professional photographer, for use by Helen as her headshots when applying and auditioning for acting roles.

Copyright and design rights

The copyright (and all or any other registered or unregistered design rights or similar applicable legal interests) in this website and the ‘bubbles’ and ‘star’ logo belong to and are vested exclusively in The Helen Foundation.

Logos and Artwork

We receive a large number of requests from people and organisations to use our logo for things such as promotional material, website links, newspapers and fundraising events.

Of course we’re only to happy for you to promote the foundation. At the same time we are careful that our public image is consistently represented – we’ve spent a lot of time creating an identity so we want to make sure it looks good.

If you would like to use our logo and require a copy of the artwork, please contact us via email, providing a brief description of the purpose of the use of logo.