Doddiscombsleigh 4 Seasons Wall Hangings

November 10, 2015

Tizzy Mcmanus, a teacher at Doddi, sent us a letter written by the children following a discussion after the project and utilising their interactive whiteboard:

“Dear Helen Foundation Trustees,
Thank you so much for giving us the money to make our seasons banners. We really enjoyed working with our artist, Cara Roxanne. Every child at Doddi School participated in the project, which involved painting, cutting and sticking our designs onto large pieces of paper. Cara will now photograph the finished pictures which will then be printed onto fabric to make the banners.

The banners will be proudly displayed at our school Art Show during half-term and then will be hung in the outdoor classroom.

We really enjoyed planning our large designs with Cara and then bringing these ideas to life in our groups – this was very exciting. We also enjoyed rummaging through all the materials to find the perfect things to bring our designs to life.

We loved making blossoms, apples, leaves and fish. We loved painting the trees, borders and animals.
We enjoyed getting to work with children from all different ages and classes.
We learnt to work as a team, share ideas and not to give up. We learnt to persevere when our ideas didn’t go quite to plan.  

We thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to show our creative side and to develop new skills. We hope that you can come to see our finished seasons banners either at the Art Show or at our school.

Yours faithfully,
The children of Doddiscombsleigh Primary School”

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