Double Success for Shannon

November 5, 2016

Shannon Moxey spent her teenage years as a young carer, looking after members of her family whilst continuing with her full-time studies.  For the past four years, THF has supported Shannon with singing lessons and recently we heard from Sarah Lindely, Teignbridge’s Young Carers co-ordinator, that  Shannon successfully got into Durham University to study Classics and also she managed to achieve her Grade 8 singing!

Sarah wrote:
“I asked Shannon if it would be ok to let you know about her successes as I really feel that the funding for the singing lessons has played a key part in her journey to where she is today. She is a young carer who , at the time she applied for the funding, was trying to get back on top of her GCSE courses having had a lot of time off school due to illness in her family. She had always wanted to do singing lessons and we felt that it would be a fantastic opportunity for her to build her confidence and to have something special to look forward to each week. I think that you will agree that she has really made the most of the opportunity that she was afforded by The Helen Foundation and has truly shone through against considerable odds. Thank you.”

Trustees of THF wrote to Shannon to congratulate her:
“We are writing to say just how proud we are of your gaining both Grade 8 singing and now your place to read classics at Durham.

Both are very major achievements in circumstances that might well have defeated other less determined and less talented people.  It says a huge amount about your character, strength of purpose and courage that you have persisted with your studies to such a high level. So impressive!

We wish you every success your studies and would be delighted to stay in touch with you as you develop in your career.”  

What an achievement, Shannon

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