Dunsford School – Rememberance 2D and 3D Poppies

June 14, 2015

thf_poppies_1_602x350Dunsford School ran a THF subsidised workshop that we couldn’t feature at that time until the photos were sanctioned.  The full news of a very successful experience is posted on the Dunsford website.

“The children worked on a range of activities in small groups, experiencing a variety of techniques and using a variety of media.  They made poppies out of clay, similar to the ones at the Tower of London. They also made paper collages of poppy scenes and painted pictures using colour-washing to create interesting effects.

Kath Hadden, artist, worked with each group in turn, to add layers of colour, texture and detail to a giant canvas. They were completely enthralled by working alongside a professional artist and wonderfully inspired by their joint efforts.  We have kept one canvas in school; the other canvas was presented to St Mary’s Church, Dunsford. Aren’t they beautiful?! We are very grateful to The Helen Foundation, who very generously subsidised the majority of the cost of the workshop days.


The children who took part said:
“I enjoyed making the big poppy picture because I am not good at art but that picture boosted my confidence. I learnt that you can’t rush art.” Lucy

I learnt that if you put paint on a stick then whack the stick on a canvas it makes a good effect. I enjoyed rubbing the sticks in the
paint.” Kit

I love it when I get my hands dirty. And when it was finished it looked amazing. I splattered paint with a paint brush.” Melissa

I liked it because making the big poppy art was amazing. I learnt to splat paint with a paint brush.” Sophie

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