Dunsford School workshop

July 17, 2018

thf_dunsford1Dunsford School loves to celebrate the outstanding environment in which the children are growing up.  This summer, with support from THF, Dunsford engaged artist Peter Margerum to work with the children on carving three large upright posts to act as signage in the grass play area.  What a success!  On a beautiful day, the children carved the wood using hammers and chisels under Peter’s careful tuition and the signs are now proudly in place.
The children wrote afterwards:

“It was fun because I have not done that before.  We don’t do anything like this in school. I enjoyed it when I started a new part although it was hard to get the right depth. I enjoyed using the tools because I don’t normally get to use them at home.”


“You lit up my day. I enjoyed it when we started it and then when we compared it to when it was finished.”

“The new posts at my school are sooooo good. When they weren’t there is was just like we had no school sign when I went onto the field. I enjoyed carving them, especially using the hammer.”

“I found it great fun! I was not sure how to do it and I was a bit scared I would hit my finger.”

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