Fantastique, mon brave! Superman Trustee completes epic marathon

May 5, 2013

One of our trustees, Ben Galloway has just completed an epic marathon with a difference!

First he cycled London to Paris by bike (250 miles) as one of the 40-strong team cycling from workplace Lloyds of London, and immediately then ran the Paris Marathon, all in 30 hours in biting chill winds throughout. A seriously tough challenge. You can read more about how it all went here.

This event was organised by the Lloyd’s Cycling Club on behalf of a worthy cause – Action for A-T. They are raising money to help fund research into a rare and devastating disease. Ataxia-Telangiectasia is a neurodegenerative and progressive condition that starts in early childhood causing severe disability and premature death.

Allez Gallers

There is currently no cure for it and nothing that can halt its progression. Babies are born ‘normal’ and then slowly, from around the age of 5, start to lose their independence. A wheelchair is needed usually by the age of ten, if not before, and in many cases, a feeding tube by the age of 12. The immune systems of children who suffer from A-T are usually compromised and so they very often do not live beyond their teens, usually dying of either cancer or a severe respiratory infection. For more information on the charity and disease please visit their website:

Paris fashion may not be his forte, but he deserves that final Marathon medal and your support if you would, with a small donation on his JustGiving page.

Well done from us all Ben Galloway!
C’est immense!

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