Fiona wins The Helen Foundation Award

January 12, 2013

THF award winner - Fiona MaltbyThe Helen Foundation Award for ‘Best Endeavour in the Arts’ is presented in Teignbridge schools to the student who shows “best endeavour in the arts”.

At the annual Student Awards Evening, held in Newton Abbot College’s Daphne Collman Hall, teaching staff, students and their families attended the event with Anne Marie Morris, Member of Parliament for Newton Abbot as Guest Speaker.

Fiona’s citation from Julia Payne, Head of Art, read: “Fiona Maltby has always been a model student. She is incredibly talented in all aspects of art and design, she has high standards, enjoys a challenge and is a perfectionist.

She leads learning in art lessons with intelligence and enthusiasm and above all she is incredibly modest. Fiona achieved an A* at GCSE Fine Art and her work was far beyond the expectations of a GCSE. We are very proud of all that she has achieved and the positive effect that she has had on fellow students in all years.”

On gaining the award, Fiona herself says: “I would like to thank The Helen Foundation for allowing me to even have this opportunity to win! I am incredibly proud as are my parents! “

Well done Fiona!

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