Fundraising update and thank you – Xmas 2016

February 3, 2017

Christmas & New Year Gifts
We wish to thank  the many generous friends and well-wishers who donated to THF over Christmas and the New Year.  Your support is very much appreciated.

Collecting Box Raised Record Amount
No.14 in North Street, Ashburton is a truly lovely cafe – friendly, welcoming and serving really good food and drink.  The cafe was very willingly agreed to host one of our THF collecting boxes and we were astonished when we counted their most recent full box to find over £130 in it!  Usually, anything between £12 -£20 is good, but this was on another level entirely.  We then heard  that until very recently, an elderly gentleman would come into the cafe everyday for his coffee and to read the newspapers.  Sometimes he would doze in a corner but he never left without putting a donation in the THF box.  Very sadly, this man died last year and Ashburton lost a lovely, generous gentleman.

Thank you to all donors to THF and to all those businesses that continue to support us by hosting a collecting box.

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