Fundraising update – November 2019

November 9, 2019

6f38af88-3f69-4e51-9bd9-4bdaf6a726c3The Helen Foundation depends for its success on donations from a wide variety of local sources, including through its collecting pots located in businesses and organisations across Teignbridge.  Trustees are very grateful for this continuing support. Occasionally,  items to auction on Charity Ebay are donated. Ten years ago MUSE performed A Seaside Rendezvous, two triumphant home-coming gigs on The Den, Teignmouth. Afterwards, MUSE autographed a large poster and presented it to The Helen Foundation for a future fund-raising auction.

This iconic poster, framed with other memorabilia of the event, was successfully auctioned for £3600 to a someone in South Devon whose whole family loved MUSE and who were there at one of the gigs!

Happiness all round, for successful bidder and for THF.  Thank you so much, MUSE guys, and our generous bidder.

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