Hallowe’en high jinks at Teign Heritage Centre

November 13, 2014

Cthf_halloween1hildren enjoyed a special event, funded in part by The Helen Foundation, at the Teign Heritage Centre in celebration of Hallowe’en.  Artist Barbara Sealey and others entertained children and adults alike with scary stories and songs on the 31st October.

Teign Heritage Curator, Lin Watson, writes:
“The workshop began with a puppet play and then the children were engrossed making their own weird and wonderful puppets which they tried out on the puppet stage. The Hallowe’en evening started with a hunt for golden horseshoes in the darkened Museum galleries, decorated with spiders’ webs and skeletons. Then the children were asked if they would like to touch and taste the contents of the witch’s shopping bag – giants’ brains, slime and snails. The Crow Lady told her story, then came the frightening tale of the headless horseman. Finally Mysteria the witch turned clear lemonade into red, yellow, green and blue drinks! The evening was great fun”


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