Helen Foundation Award to son overwhelms Mum

November 5, 2016

From time to time, Trustees receive emails from parents who have watched their children receive the THF Award at their school. Recently, one wrote to us saying:

“I am simply overwhelmed by all of the kindness you have shown my son. He has been crippled by shyness as a result of his Aspergers for a lifetime – he hardly ever showed anyone his work as he was terribly critical of himself. Today watching him receive what is such a treasured award – I could have cried. He didn’t stand tall or look comfortable – but he was there. And he did it! I am beyond happy.

As a mum I realise the importance of this charity and I would like to do all I can to support your work in any way. Let me know how I might help – I would do anything!

So from one mum to another – I am so grateful. I hope that my son does justice to the memory of your daughter and her charity.” 

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