Helen Foundation bursaries reach even more youngsters

March 8, 2017

thf_header_helenbday_600x350Since the start of the year, THF Trustees have met a number of young people, who had applied for THF bursaries.  Bursary applicants are a very diverse group, with a preponderance, at the moment, of musicians. Face-to-face meetings always take place with one or both parents/guardians, after paper or online applications have been carefully considered to make sure they meet THF criteria.

In 2017, THF is currently supporting 13 young people at a total cost of approximately £4000. Parents of one successful applicant recently wrote to Trustees to say:
“We are ecstatic to be aided by the Helen Foundation and are delighted to have met with Trustees recently, it was an absolute pleasure.
We are all so grateful and relieved that xxx is to be able to continue with her lessons and her improvement can remain uninterrupted during our time of financial hardship. She is more delighted than any of us and cannot thank you enough.
Many thanks for this invaluable assistance.”

Trustees wish all bursary holders continuing success with their activities and studies

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