Helen Foundation Offer Welcomed By Schools

November 1, 2012

Each September, The Helen Foundation makes an offer to schools in Teignbridge to support arts-based workshops. Normally it costs £250-£300 to employ an artist in school for a day.

The Helen Foundation is offering every state-funded school in Teignbridge at least £250 for 2012-13 to underwrite the costs of an artist-based day. This is a 25% increase is subsidy compared with 2011-2012 and has been made possible by strong fund-raising this year. This means that, in most cases, schools will pay no more than about £50 for a full artist-led workshop day.

Primary schools of varying sizes have been offered at least one artist-led day, according to their number on roll. Larger primaries have been offered 2 days worth £500 while special schools and large secondaries have been offered four artist-based days worth £1000. In addition, each of the 5 Teignbridge Learning Communities (the clusters of schools in each town) has been offered £2000 to support arts-based projects involving all the schools in the Community – something that has been so successful over the past five years. Already schools have been applying with ambitious plans for the coming year.

The Foundation’s Bursary programme and support for special projects remain unaffected. Last year, 26 young people successfully applied for a Foundation bursary.

We wish to thank everyone who supports the charity for their support and generosity that has made this enhanced offer possible this year.

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