Helen’s Tri-Hards are Hard enough!

January 20, 2013

Helens Tri-Hards

How does walking into the sea on Boxing Day sound to you? Brave? Mad? Both? Well that’s exactly what the remarkable team calling themselves Helen’s TriHards did on Boxing Day at Teignmouth.

Along with 100s of others in various states of dress up (and no dress at all), Helen’s TriHards donned their THF t-shirts and in they went.

Who are these amazing folk? Let us introduce to you a very special Helen Foundation friend, Claire Twitchin. Claire and her husband Patrick have known the Kirk family for ages and – last summer – Claire announced that she wanted to do something major to support THF as she has long admired Helen’s legacy.

She decided that she and a few friends would go in for the recently launched Dawlish Triathlon, a sprint version of the full triathlon involving sea swimming, running and cycling. Never having done anything like that before, Claire, Patrick and friends decided to get a trainer involved and, since then, something remarkable has happened.

The early resolve has not weakened but strengthened – so much so that as well as training every week, more and more people have joined in and the group now numbers nearly 30.

In all weathers, and we have certainly had plenty of that recently, the group has trained and trained and decided to send a team in for the traditional Teignmouth Walk into the Sea that raises funds for charity. Brilliant! We shall keep you updated as 2013 unfolds. We are so proud of you, Helen’s TriHards!

Claire says:
“It has been a pleasure setting up such a fantastic group of people all inspired by such a great charity. As well as training for Dawlish Triathlon, we aim to take part in a variety of events throughout the year in order to support, raise awareness and of course, funds for THF”.

Anyone is welcome to join us and the TriHard page on Facebook is a great way to keep up to date with up and coming training and events.

Happy New Year to you all xxx

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