Helen’s TriHards are ready!

September 26, 2013

After more than a year of training, the big day is approaching for Helen’s TriHards….

On the 29th September at Dawlish Warren, a large team of THF supporters will take part in the Dawlish Triathlon, a sprint version of this most demanding of sports, involving sea swimming, cycling and running.

Who are these amazing folk?  Claire Twitchin and her husband Patrick have known the Kirk family for ages and last summer, Claire announced that she wanted to do something major to support THF as she has long admired Helen’s legacy.  She decided that she and a few friends would form a team called Helen’s TriHards to enter the 2013 Dawlish Triathlon. Never having done anything like that before, Claire, Patrick  and friends engaged a trainer Syd and, since then, something remarkable has happened.  The early resolve didn’t weaken but gathered strength and all through the cold and wet winter and spring – and the hot summer! – the group has trained and trained and now the big day is near.

Helen Foundation Trustee Annie Kirk says, “We are so proud of Helen’s TriHards!  It’s a truly inspiring story and we ask for the maximum possible support from our THF friends. If you are able to, please go on the Helen’s TriHards JustGiving page  and sponsor them. If you are a UK tax payer, an extra 25%  is added to your donation and that comes straight to the charity.  It’s all totally secure and easy to use.  It’s a brilliant way of making a donation to THF and show your support for this brilliant team.

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