High, Wide and Handsome

May 5, 2013

Last year, part-funded by The Helen Foundation, Shaldon School ran an exceptional learning project called The Journey of an Artist. The first outcome was one of the finest primary school-based exhibitions that we can ever recall.

Professional artists, including John Skinner and Michelle Greenwood-Brown, led the children’s art studies and the children were out and about in Shaldon taking photos, sketching and note-taking. Each class had a different aspect of the village to focus on.

There were visits to see the work of local artists and a major visit of Years 4, 5 and 6 to Tate Modern in London. The aim was for the children to go through the same process that an artist does in preparing and creating their work.


Key works produced during this project, 50% funded by The Helen Foundation, included six mosaic panels, designed and made by the children under the guidance of Michelle, one panel produced by each of the year groups. These were exhibited to parents before Easter and have now been installed on the outside of the new Shaldon School building in Bridge Road.

Inspired by aspects of the village – for example the bridge, the school and the beach – these glorious mosaics, finished to professional standard by Michelle and fully weather-proofed, are a permanent legacy of an outstanding curriculum initiative in the school.

Opening the 7 new mosaics fronting the new building were the artist/project leader (centre) MICHELLE GREENWOOD-BROWN, with Headteacher Cheryl Weyman and the Kirk parent duo.


What a great success – that’s 50% funded by YOU – the supporters of The Helen Foundation who so generously donate and fundraise in so many inventive ways. We are so happy to see the school that Helen and her brothers attended so beautifully presented, and to meet some of the sweet children there today who created this stunning artwork – built to last and last!!

We are very grateful to all those who support The Helen Foundation with fund-raising to enable such projects locally. More pictures next newsletter of the children with the mosaics.

Shaldon children, you are VERY special to have achieved this stunning work for all to see from the roadside and playground.


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