In The Belly of the Horse

May 31, 2012

English Touring Opera, who visited the area last year bringing Fantastic Mr Fox to Shaldon School, returned to Teignbridge last month with a brand new project that delighted pupils at Widecombe School. In the Belly of the Horse is a fully interactive new opera for Key Stage 2 pupils. With music by Rachel Leach, the piece explores the fantastic story that leads the Greeks to build the wooden horse.

In The Belly Of The HorseAs the Greeks wait in the horse to cause havoc in Troy,they tell each other stories to calm their nerves. The story is told in many different and engaging ways including acting, singing, instrumental music, dance, animated film and design.

The Helen Foundation was delighted to be able to fund this project.

Headteacher Kate Edwards writes: ‘It was an absolutely brilliant experience and the children loved it! The performers were wonderful and really engaged the children. Many, many thanks again on behalf of the children for the inspiring visit from the ETO!’

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