The Animals are coming!

March 7, 2013

James Lake animals

Sculptor James Lake ran a really popular THF-funded workshop at Buckfastleigh Primary School recently. James specialises in cardboard sculpture, a medium that lends itself to creating large forms without the need for a traditional studio – ideal for work in schools.

Following his visit, James wrote:
“Thank you for enabling me to work in Buckfastleigh. I really enjoyed my time! What a nice school. I found the school, staff, and pupils to be very friendly and very supportive.

James Lake Workshop

The feedback from the teachers was very positive. I had comments like, “This is the best they have behaved all term,” and the other teachers came in and said that the children had told them to ‘come in and see what they were making. It was all very positive.

I talked to group before we started and showed them my website and explained how and where I made my work and how I started just making work in my bedroom when I was younger.

This talk was aimed at breaking down the barriers, both artistic and financial, that can put children off from pursuing the arts as a career.”

And just look at the results! Well done everyone.


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