Keep the flag flying at the London 10k

September 28, 2013

thf_london_10kDebbie Clark, Jen Quinlin (all the way from Australia!) and Lee Griffiths were determined to take part in the British 10K London Run on behalf of THF – and they did it! This event is usually a key part of the THF fund-raising calendar as well as being an amazing event in its own right. These are three very special people. Jen, travels the world, is a keen MUSE fan and a great THF supporter taking part in events to raise funds for THF in the furthest reaches of the globe. Debbie is one of THF’s super stars, generously supporting the charity on many, many occasions and showing immense courage in the face of health challenges. Lee has his own story to tell…he writes:

“I was in the crowd at the Roundhouse iTunes festival Muse show last September and was approached by supporters of THF asking if I was interested in running 10K for THF. I jumped at the chance! Keeping fit and running for a cause – sounded like a great idea to me, sign me up! From that moment on I was intent on running that race as were Debbie and Jen.

The big day finally arrived, how little did we know how hot and gorgeous a day it would be to run a 10k race that Sunday, but that’s what the 3 of us managed to do in sizzling temperatures!

I didn’t quite make it in time to queue up with Debbie & Jen and drop my backpack off (thank you public transportation – epic fail!) but I got chatting to some people on the train and at the starting line who were running for both personal and for charitable causes.

When we got going It was amazing to take in some lovely sights running with a huge crowd of people – it was crammed, and there were so many spectators egging the runners on. I ran over 6km with my backpack and then I saw Sue (another THF supporter) who came to my rescue taking my bag off me which was a welcome relief! Debbie and Jen and I ran and walked the London 10K at a pace which was comfortable yet challenging. Crossing that finishing line in one piece was emphatic.

It was so nice to relax afterwards at THF base camp catching up with everyone over a well earned cold refreshing drink!

It’s now August and the tally so far raised between the three of us including Gift Aid, is nearly £2000 which is AMAZING!. I cannot emphasise how thankful we and THF are for your generosity. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored us. Thank you ever so much!”

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