Kingskerswell Primary 3 Day Arts Project

May 18, 2015

Kingskerswell3-602x350 So, Kingskerswell Primary? What exciting way did you choose to spend your £500 annual THF arts award?

Staff chose a brilliant 3-day partly THF funded arts project for 36 yr 4 children( age: around 9yrs) at Cohayes Park, a fine old house & grounds near Bovey Tracey. What swish surroundings!!

Thinking out of the box, creative practitioner Jo Tyler enabled each group to sculpt 3D Animals (12!!!) to adorn their Primary school.

In total 12 sculptures were created, each representing the classes at the school. These are:
1. Crocodile
 2. Koala
 3. Platypus
 4. Snowy Owl
 5. Polar Bear
 6. Toucan
 7. Penguin 
8. Red Panda 
9. Giraffe
 10. Cougar 
11. Tiger
 12. Ocelot

Art wasn’t the only outcome: sports, social skills, independence, activities galore…Bedtime? We daren’t ask what time the staff got some hush…!


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