Kingskerswell Sculpture residential at Colehayes

May 13, 2016

ce1cc051-d2e2-4730-b0db-c3635ce14d04Over 40 Year 4 pupils at Kingskerswell Primary School went to Colehayes Residential Centre near Dartmoor National Park to attend a two-day sculpture workshop led by Andy Cairns.

Inspired by the coming Rio Olympics and by the work of Giacometti, the youngsters designed and created large and striking modroc sculptures of athletes in action.

Helen Foundation Trustee Annie Kirk said after visiting the workshop:
“The work the children were doing was so impressive!  There was noticieable creative buzz in the sculpture rooms and ideas were fizzing around to be later translated into these remarkable large-scale works.  Andy did a great job in inspiring and guiding the youngsters.  Such an exciting event!


Artist Andy Cairns said afterwards:
​”I really enjoyed working with the children from Kingskerswell Primary School – they worked really hard and showed so much enthusiasm.  This was reflected in how individual each sculpture was and how well they were made.  The designs for their Olympic costumes were really imaginative too – I would have liked to have worked more with them to create them all, but they were very good at agreeing in their groups which one to use for their final sculpture.  I would like to thank the children and staff from Kingskerswell Primary School for a really exciting and positive two days working with them.”

For more information on Andy’s work, visit his website

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