Laure in Hollywood – At the Run!

May 5, 2013

Laure Van Rensburg is a long-standing supporter of THF and has taken part in many fund-raising activities for the charity.  Her latest exploits took her to Hollywood.  We”ll let Laure tell the story.

“It started with wanting to get into running and I decided to train towards being able to run 5K. As I thought it would be a good idea to have a goal, I decided to have my own run in April so that I could do in a place where I normally wouldn’t (i.e. Los Angeles). I decided that if I was to do it, I could put that run to good use and raise some money as well and what better charity than to do it for than The Helen Foundation!

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I mentioned my idea to B and she thought it was a great idea and decided to take part as well. We were initially going to run in Beverly Hills but B checked out the trail to the Hollywood sign and we thought it was perfect. We couldn’t have chosen a better day: we had clear blue sky and it was warm but not too hot. We had to trek the 3K to get to the top (running would have been madness because it is so steep) but after we reached the top and took in the amazing view we ran 3K back down (I was so into it that I took a wrong turn and ended having to turn around and run back to the correct path!).

I am not going to lie: our thighs were pretty sore for the next couple of days especially every time we had to go down the stairs but it was all worth it for the experience and the money we raised!

This is brilliant, Laure – thank you much. The charity is completely dependent on lovely people like Laure raising funds for THF sponsored activities for young people. Pictures show B and Laure – and Dare to Dream!

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