Med Theatre at Moretonhampstead – Lord of The Pies

August 28, 2015

thf_news_med_600x350Year 6 pupils at Moretonheampstead School created and performed a promenade style performance during their project working with MED Theatre

Keevie from Butterdon, Class 6, wrote:
“It all started with a creative brainstorm to think of various scene ideas. We were put into small  groups to attempt at acting out a number of rough scenes that we had previously thought of. After we had considered some scenes we started to ponder characters. We had seven refugees, ten school children, eight rebels and two hippies. All of them had been thought up by us.

We were put into either groups of two, three or four (which was a very efficient way to do it so there  was not commotion around the room) so we could write different scenes. The scenes took an  impressive one session to write thanks to MED Theatre’s incredible help; soon afterwards we were  prepared to cast the roles.

Everyone got the place they wanted thus we were ready to practise. It was not like any other practise;  it was fun practise because of the help we got. Finally it was time to perform. It was the school  performance first and then we had time to rest but before long we had to do our big performance in  front of our parents. It was an amazing experience for everyone and every single person that took  part had an astounding time.

We managed to do all of this in just 10 sessions including the performances.
We thank Grace, Mark and all of the Helen Foundation for this wonderful time.

Peter Gordon, Year 6 teacher, added:

“In eight very short sessions over four weeks in June, the Year 6 children of Moretonhampstead Primary School, created, scripted, practised and performed their own play. The plot follows a group of refugees coming from Exeter into Dartmoor in a dystopian future and interacting with the two groups who exist there. It is a story about suspicion and of being an outsider, and ultimately about acceptance and working together.

“Oh, and they also wrote and performed a song finale!

“Many thanks to Mark and Grace for their excellent direction with the creation of the play, and a huge well done to the fantastic children of Butterdon who worked hard on producing and performing an excellent and well-thought-out play.”

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