Moretonhamsted school – ‘Spy or No Spy’

September 19, 2014

Moretonhamstead has a proud tradition of working with all their Year 6 students in a major film and drama day when MED Theatre work with the young people to create and perform their own play.  This year’s was inspired by an event during World War 1 –  a spy scare in Devon.

Year 6 class teacher David Palmer, writes:
“The year 6 children (Butterdon Class) researched, wrote and performed a play ‘Spy or No Spy’ to the school and parents on Monday. The performance followed 10 workshops funded by the Helen Foundation and run by MED Theatre, a locally based theatre company. The workshops allowed the children to perfect their performing skills, write the script and help with other aspects of the performance such as casting and directing.

Parents, staff and the children were all enthusiastic about the overall success of this year’s play, many citing it as one of the best yet. All the children taking part were excited and proud of their individual and group performances.

‘ I enjoyed it a lot. It was nice how we chose who was going to be who.’ – Gwen

‘ I really enjoyed working with other people.’ – Kitty

‘I think MED are really good and I would love to do it all again’ –  Amber

‘I loved every minute of this project’ – Tristan

All the children’s self-confidence grew during the workshops and in particular there was a real buzz of excitement in the days before the shows.

The school is very grateful to The Helen Foundation for their generous funding for the opportunity.”

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