Mosaics enliven The Cave

February 1, 2013

Mosaics designed and created by Sixth Form students at Teignmouth Community School are now on display at The Cave, a community music project in Teignmouth for creative musicians of all ages. Used to improve the quality of the bands coming out of the Teignmouth area, it offers a high quality affordable rehearsal space. A number of young emerging bands regularly rehearse there.

The mosaic project was supported by funding from The Helen Foundation and guided by artist Michelle Greenwood-Brown. The students used musical themes as inspiration for their designs.

Michelle writes:
“I really can’t believe how much work the girls have done and they have been so diligent. I have taken photographs of the whole process and will send you the ones I took yesterday of the girls holding the finished guitars – one to go on the outside of the music project and one to go behind the sink inside.”

Seeing the students’ mosaics for The Cave, art teachers at Teignmouth Community School, Elizabeth Wilson and Gavin Morris, were very keen for the girls to make mosaics to cheer up the lower art room, which they were very happy to do. Michelle again guided the students and says, “The mosaics for the art room are very colourful.”

Well done those students!

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