Signed MUSE shirt comes the full circle

March 7, 2013

muse signed shirt auction

Last month we featured the signed MUSE T-shirt going on charity eBay. Here’s what happened next…

First, the background. James Pallister had a brilliant day back in 2004 when MUSE came to Teignmouth Community College to open the new Arts Centre. Selected to show the band members round, all of whom had been students at the college, James was rewarded by having his red TCC shirt signed by members of the band.


muse signed shirt auction

Years later, James’ mother, Margarita and a member of Teign Estuary Rotary Club, attended a presentation at the club by Helen Foundation Trustees Annie and Roger Kirk. Annie talked about the various methods that the charity raises funds, including the eBay auctioning of MUSE memorabilia. MUSE are Patrons of The Helen Foundation. Margarita remembered James’ signed shirt sitting in his wardrobe and asked James if he would be prepared to donate the shirt to raise funds for Teign Estuary Rotary Club and THF.

Very generously, James donated the shirt to an eBay charity auction. Accordingly, the shirt was framed to Conservation Standard by The Framing Lot of Dawlish and went for auction recently, raising £500, with profits to be shared between both charities.

But that’s not the end of the story…read on!

The successful eBay bidder is an Italian supporter of The Helen Foundation who also happens to be a keen MUSE fan. Having won the auction, he wrote:

“This red shirt has so much meaning for Teignmouth, we believe it must live there forever and make people proud of their beautiful place and their ambassador MUSE. We are so proud to donate this shirt to the new museum in Teignmouth, thank you for this lovely opportunity, it will make a remarkable exhibit.”

He therefore donated the signed the MUSE signed shirt to Teign Heritage Centre for permanent display to benefit the people of Teignmouth. Lin Watson, Curator of the Teign Heritage Centre, gladly accepted the gift to add to the display of MUSE memorabilia in the Centre.

“What a fantastic gift from an Italian MUSE and Helen Foundation fan! The museum will display this for the people of Teignmouth as a token of the connection between MUSE and Teignmouth Community School,” said Lin.

Shown in the photo at the top are (left to right) Lin, Roger and Margarita.

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