New School Year – new offers from THF

October 24, 2014

As the new school year starts, THF makes an offer to every state-funded school in Teignbridge. Below are extracts the letter we sent out last month so you can see what schools can do with THF funding:

Helen Foundation offers for 2014-2015

There are four ways in which schools engage with THF, each detailed below. Please let us know how you would like to take up any of the offers the charity is able to make this year.

1. Arts Workshops for your School
Normally it costs £250-300 to employ an artist in your school for a day. The Helen Foundation is offering schools £250 for 2013-2014 to underwrite the costs of an artist-based day for each Teignbridge school that wishes to take up the offer. This means that, in most cases, schools will pay no more than about £50 for an artist-led workshop day.

The offer is for:
• primary schools under 100 n.o.r of one artist day per year
• primary schools over 100 n.o.r. of two artist days per year
• secondary and special schools four artist days per year .

To take advantage of this offer, decide on the dates and kinds of artists you want, then contact us by email at with the details.


 2. Working With Learning Partnerships
Increasing numbers of arts-based projects take place within Teignbridge’s Learning Partnerships that run special events where schools in the Partnership join together, with Helen Foundation support, to create outstanding experiences for young people. The Helen Foundation’s evidence is that such large-scale events have a very significant positive impact on young people and are welcomed by Ofsted.

Schools are strongly encouraged to pool their Helen Foundation offer outlined in this letter in co-operation with schools in their Learning Partnership to further enhance the impact of artists working with young people in joint creative projects. To provide further support for what the charity believes has been one of the most successfully aspects of its work over the past six years, we are offering up to £2000 in addition to schools’ own subsidies to each Learning Partnership to help to implement Partnership-wide projects.


3. The Helen Foundation Award
Many schools now make this highly popular award annually, according to each school’s own judgment as to which young person has shown the most commitment to improve their work in any branch of the arts

The award itself is a glass plaque mounted on a hardwood base with each year’s nomination engraved on an individual metal name-tag. This award stays in your school for permanent safe-keeping.

• The winning young person has their own engraved replica to keep, as well as a special certificate signed by the Headteacher or relevant Arts Co-ordinator.
• There are Highly Commended certificates available for two other young people commended by you each year.


4. Individual Bursaries
We have funds available for individual bursaries to support needy children with their ambitions in the arts.  If you are aware of children you wish to be supported in this way, please go to and click on the Bursaries – Apply section for further information or contact us at with the details. The financial eligibility is that families need to be in receipt of family tax credits or similar benefits.

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