New Songwriting project for two big events of 2012

March 1, 2012

Award-winning composer and musical director David Haines is running an exciting project among Devon schools.

He wrote to schools saying:
Teignmouth Community Choir have a concert booked in the Marquee in the Den on June
7th or 8th and would like to invite your school to be involved in an exciting project this spring and early summer, enabling your students to celebrate creatively the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 London Olympics. The Songwriting Workshop will be led by Teignmouth Community Choir’s Musical Director and New York Times Award-winning Composer, David Haines.

David will work with your children in a half-day workshop (morning, afternoon or after-school) to create a song inspired either by the Queen’s Jubilee or by the London Olympics. These subjects can be interpreted loosely ~ i.e a song about important historical UK or Commonwealth events of the last 60 years; or a song about how the muscles work; or a mnemonic for the different parts of a sailing dinghy. The only restriction is that no two songs in the project should be on the same topic.

All the songs will be included in the choir’s Jubilee Concert in the Marquee on the Den on either 7th or 8th June and your school will be invited to take part. Performers can either be just the songwriters, or a larger group of children if you prefer.

The Helen Foundation has agreed to pay half the costs of each workshop and looks forward to the June event with keen anticipation.

Gatehouse School, Dawlish composes song verses for the Olympics! And brilliant work created in just one morning with David Haines, composer and workshop leader…Well done, girls and boys for working so hard with David to produce some really effective songwords and music! This will go towards major performance in June, for the UK-based Olympics.

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