THF launch new website!

March 8, 2013


After six months of hard work behind the scenes, we are delighted to announce the imminent re-launch of the THF website. All websites need updating from time to time and we are extremely fortunate to have two brilliant THF friends, Daniel Saint and Lloyd Hardwick, who have freely donated many, many hours of time to the task. We are delighted with the results and are sure you will be too.

We trust you will find all the information and pages you are used to with some helpful new features such as direct links to social media sites, a Flickr gallery and easy-to-use online forms for applying for grants and bursaries from the charity. We have made donating to the charity even easier too!

Do please go in and have a look and tell us if you find anything doesn’t work. We would be really glad to hear from you so we can fix it as soon as possible.

So, who are these heroes of the virtual world? We proudly introduce you to:

Daniel Saint

Daniel Saint has been with The Helen Foundation from the very beginning. He knew Helen when she acted in Teignmouth and following her death, offered to help the fledgling charity in any way he could. He has not wavered in his generous and invaluable support ever since.

Daniel is to be credited with the entire “look” of THF. A professional graphic designer, Daniel designed the THF logo, and every poster, banner, letterhead, ticket and flyer that we use every day. His creativity, energy – and long-suffering kindness as design ideas go to and fro – are truly invaluable.

Lloyd Hardwick

For the launch of the new website, Daniel worked closely with Lloyd Hardwick. Lloyd is another friend of the family and THF hero who offered his own services to the major task of the complete THF website upgrade. Since THF was launched in 2006, the digital world has developed hugely with an ever- expanding range of devices and browsers used across the world. Ensuring that your website works on all of them is a huge task!

We met Lloyd socially a few years ago, and after telling him about The Foundation, why it was formed and what we set out to achieve for young people in Teignbridge, felt compelled to get involved and help out in someway.

So, we proudly award The Helen Foundation Virtual Medals (First Class) to these two great THF Friends!

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